Inward Bound

In the early 1990’s, while searching for the perfect journal for myself, I found my way to the craft of book-binding. My interest moved on to other forms, and for the next 25 years I maintained a small cottage business, selling my wares at art shows, retail stores, and out of my home.

With changing times and changing interests, I’ve decided that it is time to move on from my craft. With that decision comes the decision to close this website in November 2017. I am grateful for the many people who have been inspired by my work over the years. I am especially grateful for my web magician who translated my wide-ranging and sometimes disorganized ideas into a website that truly represented my work. He continues to work his magic, and I encourage anyone who is interested in building their web presence to be in touch with him via e-mail.

Wishing you great fun and success in all of your ventures and adventures!


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About Inward Bound

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